garage door maintenace

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage doors, like any other mechanical item, require periodic maintenance. Springs should be checked for proper tension to make sure they counterbalance the door correctly. This will insure long life for your door and opener. Moving parts should be lubricated, cables checked for frays, rollers and pulleys should be inspected for worn bearings. Most of these items are relatively inexpensive products that can mimic major problems. We will happily show you every thing we do as part of a service call so you will know how to do the basics yourself. A little work now will go a long way later. We don't offer yearly service contracts because, frankly, we don't feel they are a good deal for the customer. In most cases it seems the customer ends up paying a lot (to cover any scenario) without needing most of the service. It's always better to be known as a company that is careful about spending our customers' money.

While you're thinking of maintenance, don't forget the garage door opener. Almost every opener out the will have some kind of safety reverse system. This feature should be tested periodically to make sure it functions correctly when you need it. A failure to reverse can lead to death, injury, or destruction of your door. If you are unsure of how to test it, call us in to do it for you. This is definitely not something to ignore or try to save on, there is too much at stake!

Preventative maintenance will head off many problems but there are always parts that will eventually break. When that happens, we are here for you.